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BRIDGE, which stands for Black Resourceful Innovators Developing Generations of Excellence, consists of emerging professional’s ranging from 23 – 45, who have a mutual interest in social and business networking, community involvement, and professional development. Our goal is to create an extensive and influential network of young professional’s that will collaborate in serving the community.

The true vision of BRIDGE is to define and close the gap between the generations in an effort to expose unrealized possibilities. We are proud to be local but want to eventually BRIDGE the global gap and participate in worldwide philanthropic, business and networking initiatives.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to influential business leaders and elected officials

  • Quarterly “Check-In” Power Business Networking

  • Professional Development Programming

  • Local Community Involvement Opportunities

  • Group Social Events

  • Opportunity to be invited to exclusive members only events

  • Board membership opportunities that are filtered exclusively to BRIDGE members

 And much, much, more...

Why Join?

Any organization is only as good as its membership. If you believe in our vision, then we need you to help make BRIDGE greater. There are so many important areas in which our demographic is not properly represented or lacking altogether; we need your support to BRIDGE these areas. We are continually developing partnerships, and you are the BRIDGE within an area we have yet to reach. We want to provide you with the opportunity to develop relationships within BRIDGE internally and externally alongside key leaders within our community.

How Do I Join?

Glad you asked! Simply complete the online membership application at checkout.

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2018 Member of the Year,

LaToya Johnigan

LaToya has been an active BRIDGE member for the past 3 years. She has volunteered as a reading coach for 1st graders during our Read 2 Win partnership, and volunteered at countless BRIDGE events. We are honored to have LaToya as a BRIDGE member, and hope that she continues to be an integral part of our organization.